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About Us

Vcare Cleaning Melbourne is among the top-ranked bond cleaning companies in Melbourne to ensure refund of deposits. We like to commit to our clients what we can deliver and the professionals strive for excellence at all stages of cleaning! Our friendly lease cleaning service takes into account the urgent requirements of renters at the time of leaving the property and supports the honorable exit from the rented space.

Call us at 0414 577 954 to understand the cleaning procedure and clear the mind of different queries. Our FREE cleaning quotes include the varied cleaning requirements of a home or commercial space, but one can customise the requirements as per the condition of the property.

Different services delivered by the cleaning company are –

  1. Bond Cleaning Melbourne
  2. End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne
  3. Carpet Cleaning Melbourne
  4. Pest Control Melbourne
  5. Move Out/Move In Cleaning Melbourne
  6. Vacate Cleaning Melbourne


Our comprehensive bond cleaning solutions set us apart from the rest in Melbourne and thus we have earned good repute among customers with customised cleaning solutions.

The Vision of the Management

We want to solve the troubles of Melbourne tenants at the time of exiting the property by delivering unmatched cleaning assistance. This will help them leave the rented space in a dignified way and also get a full refund of deposits timely. The cleaning team in Melbourne understands the bond cleaning requirements of the place and saves time for clients in the cleaning activities.

The Mission of our Cleaning Company

The company wants to help as many tenants as possible with the relevant cleaning solutions and methods. One of the motives is to support the refund of bond or lease refunds of clients in Melbourne. The expert cleaners in the team come up with new cleaning techniques to fit different cleaning demands of the place.

Strengths of the Company 

Professional Cleaners 

We have the top-rated Melbourne cleaners in the bond cleaning team to handle the exit cleaning troubles of the Melbourne tenants. The company investments into the training of professional cleaners so that they can clean different home or commercial spaces.

Latest Cleaning Equipment 

The cleaning team uses cleaning tools that meet the advanced cleaning needs of the tenants and also supports the refund of deposits. They handle small & large size cleaning tools safely to rejuvenate the property.

Save Cleaning Time 

The cleaning company believes in saving time for customers, which makes us different from other cleaners in the region. We provide quality cleaning services to tenants and save time of customers in the process.

Recleaning services 

Our recleaning services have no match with other cleaning providers in Melbourne. Our unbeatable bond cleaning services in Melbourne will outshine the rented property before leaving the property.

Vcare Cleaning Melbourne wants to win the confidence of customers with unparalleled bond cleaning services in Melbourne. We serve Docklands, Collingwood, Epping, Raservoir, Richmond, North Melbourne, South, Port, West Melbourne, Craigieburn, St Kilda, Bruinswick, South Yarra, Northcote, Parkville, Fitzroy, Carlton, Southbank, Brunswick, Melbourne & Port Melbourne. The cleaners travel the extra mile to meet the customer’s expectations at very easy costs. Reach us at 0414 577 954 to get FREE bond cleaning quotes for Melbourne renters. Our cleaning teams are able to execute cleaning tasks much before time than you think or expect.

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