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A Clear Path To Full Refund Of Bond Deposits

Trusted Bond Cleaning In Melbourne –

Moving out of your rented property? Do you want a quick solution to clean the space and get a 100% refund of the deposit? Our clearly defined and time-tested bond cleaning Melbourne service will ease your exit strategy from the rented areas. Vcare Cleaning Melbourne offers in-depth cleaning assistance for rented homes, offices, commercial spaces, and relevant areas.

No Cleaning Task Is Too Big Or Hard For Us! Our Experienced Melbourne Bond Cleaners Have Been Hand Picked Only For This Specific Task. No Risks, High Rewards.

We can be your best bet to restore your rented property with comprehensive cleaning solutions!

Less time and more cleaning tasks at hand? Contact us any time at 0414 577 954 to get the customised quote and book the service in a quick time.

Bond Cleaning in Carlton, Fitzroy, Northcote, Docklands & Collingwood

Leave the cleaning tasks to us and focus on other activities related to exiting your rented space! We can handle all-round property cleaning in a protected way so that there are fewer expenses at the time of final property inspection or exit from the area.

We serve Docklands, Collingwood, Epping, Raservoir, Richmond, North Melbourne, South, Port, West Melbourne, Craigieburn, St Kilda, Bruinswick, South Yarra, Northcote, Parkville, Fitzroy, Carlton, Southbank, Brunswick, Melbourne & Port Melbourne.

Bond Cleaning Features That Set Us Apart From Rest

Trained & Experienced Cleaners

The Melbourne cleaning team comprises of trained Melbourne cleaners with years of experience to back their claims. These professionals have the expertise to clean different types of properties using relevant guidelines and make the place germ-free.

Insured Cleaning Service

There are no worries of damage or theft at the time of bond cleaning service. We only have verified Melbourne cleaners in the cleaning team and the services are insured to protect the interest of Melbourne clients. The team operates in a careful way to maintain the sensuality of the space.

Latest & Advanced Tools

Our cleaning team is best equipped to handle sophisticated cleaning tools to make the property spotless and attractive. The experts handle the cleaning tools with utmost care so that there is no danger to the small members or pets of the family.

Green Cleaning Initiative

The aim of the bond cleaners is to clean each & every spot of the Melbourne property without affecting the environment. We prefer the use of non-toxic cleaning agents to support our green cleaning goals and emphasize minimal waste at the time of cleaning.

Customised Checklist & Quotes

We send customised cleaning checklists to clients for their understanding of the type of cleaning services provided by the team! They can make relevant changes to it as per specifications and the final quote will be created according to it.

Smart Client Support

The Vcare cleaning support team is available throughout the year to ease the queries and other troubles of bond cleaning clients in Melbourne. Contact our cleaning experts for easy booking of cleaning services or make relevant changes to the checklist.

How To Start With Vcare Cleaning Melbourne? Our Bond Cleaning Steps

All our energies are focused on superior client satisfaction so that their rented property is ready for bond inspection in Melbourne. Our streamlined cleaning process ensures a smooth ride for Melbourne renters.

Call Us for Cleaning Quotes & Booking

Reach us @ 0414 577 954 to get the cleaning quotes and make relevant changes to it before booking. Then confirm the cleaning date and slot for the team for cleaning activities as per your specified date.

Welcome the Team on the Cleaning Day

The experienced Melbourne cleaners will visit your place with all the equipment and team members to deliver flawless cleaning. They carry out their objectives as per set plans and cleaning standards of the place.

Share your Feedback

Once the cleaning is done, you can surely share your experience with us so that we can further make the cleaning process rewarding. If you need re-clean services, you can reach us at the same number within the first few days.

Regularised Bond Cleaning Checklist In Melbourne

The cleaning requirements can vary from property to property, but we have prepared a personalised cleaning checklist for the assistance of customers. With this, you can guess the type of cleaning assistance provided by the Melbourne bond cleaning team.


Cleaning of doors/skirtings, walls, windows, carpets, light switches, and floors.


Cleaning of basins, taps, mirrors & cabinets, towel rails, shower, toilet, blinds & curtains, tiled floors, and light switches.


Cleaning of sinks, disposals, doors, walls, skirtings, stovetops & grills, dishwasher, exhaust fans, bench tops, light fittings, floors, and windows.

Dining and Lounge

Cleaning of doors, walls, skirtings, windows, carpets, light fittings, staircases, carpets, floors, and blinds.

Miscellaneous Cleaning

Cleaning of the garage area, patio, balcony, and other services.


Ans. Reach us at 0414 577 954 to get supportive cleaning quotes for the rented space and also book the cleaning dates.

Ans. The cleaning quotes will vary as per the size of the property and can fluctuate as per the condition of rooms in the rented space.

Ans. We are providing cleaning services to our clients in Melbourne as per their requirements. To confirm the weekend availability, contact our professional cleaners.

Ans. You can leave the space as it is and we will deliver the cleaning assistance as per specifications.

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